Summer 2019 Challenge

Congratulations on migrating to this page. Summer 2019 Challenge!

Welcome to Summer Dissertation House at UMBC. If you are here you are in the right place. This is your page to make the most of your experience here. You can get your dissertation finished in 2019 with daily progress.

Welcome to the Dissertation House online, Summer 2019! This page will be active from July 2019 – December 2019. Congratulations to all of our new PhDs!  (See our “Alumni” page for regular updates.) You can participate in the online Dissertation House from any part of the world. Students join the Dissertation House (DH) from various states in the US and many countries in the world. The “DHers” who participate in person come from universities throughout Maryland, with sponsorship from the National Science Foundation’s PROMISE: Maryland’s Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP), and funding from the graduate schools at UMBC, the University of Maryland College Park, and the University of Maryland Baltimore – The Founding Campus. Through the PROMISE Pathways initiative, and the PROMISE AGEP: Maryland Transformation project, we invite and encourage all doctoral students within the University System of Maryland to join us online, and you will have a special opportunity to join us in person this Summer during the July Dissertation House.

Dr. Wendy Carter-Veale is your “Head Coach.” Dr. Carter-Veale will be conducting “in-person” Dissertation Houses at UMBC July 2018. Our pre-registered participants are required to blog daily during their time in the Dissertation House and are encouraged to continue blogging until they finish their dissertations.

To join us online:

  1. Go to the comment section below and introduce yourself (name, school, department.) Note: You may use your full name or an alias. If you have a blog, you may use your blogger ID, however, you do not need a username or password to participate.
  2. Tell us what you are working on and what you plan to accomplish today or over the next few days.
  3. Blog daily, preferably twice a day (morning and afternoon/evening) to report your goals for the day, your daily accomplishments, and your goals for the next day.

We will repeat something that we said before, because it is both important and true: Our graduates and participants pushed (and we do mean that they pushed through adversities, complications, and issues) to finish sections, get chapter approval from advisors, complete drafts, pass proposals, pass defenses, and turn in their final documents. These grads are now professors, working in non-profits, industry, and have had postdocs throughout the global academic community (e.g., France, South Africa, Egypt.)

If you have joined us in the past, come back again if you are still working on your document. We are still here, and we will still be part of the community that will cheer you on! Post your goals for the next six months on this page. You are not alone, this is your online community. Focus on completion. As coach Dr. CV says “A good dissertation is a done dissertation.”

51 Responses to Summer 2019 Challenge

  1. promiseagep says:

    Welcome to the 2019 Summer Dissertation House! We hope that this week helps you achieve the goals that will get you closer to finishing your dissertation.

    – The PROMISE Team

  2. Researcher says:

    Good morning everyone,

    Today I am editing methodology and write clear steps to the edited version. I plan to create a diagram that shows the changes intended.

  3. AA says:

    Hello everyone,

    For today’s TOD, I will work on revising an abstract and outlining a background and related work section for a potential journal submission. Good luck!!

    • AA says:

      I am able to revise the abstract today. Tomorrow, I am planning to work on background and related work for a journal submission. Have a nice evening!

  4. Future Dr. says:

    Hi Everyone! Today I plan to draft a timeline for my dissertation proposal, finish the literature search for one of my predictors, and begin updating my references.

  5. WR says:

    Hello everyone,
    Happy summer dissertation house! Today I am planning to fix two questions of my survey, export the pilot data and analyze it.
    Good luck everyone!

  6. Researcher says:

    I just edited methodology section and create figure to show the steps. Tomorrow I will continue working on this section.

  7. Future Dr. says:

    Today was a success! Tomorrow I plan to organize my references, begin writing my methodology, and start my lit review. Best to all!

  8. Evgenia says:

    I have started my Independent proposal, initially it was challenging to write introduction that’s why I moved to experimental section to facilitate the progress. The goal is to complete IP by the end of Friday!

  9. Welcome to Day 1 of the Dissertation House. We have a small but very productive group. If you didn’t join us today you still can. We posted our goals and got about the business of getting things done today.

  10. Day 2 of the Dissertation House. If you didn’t join us yesterday that’s OK. It’s never too late to get something done on your dissertation. It’s a marathon; you don’t have to finish first just have to finish.

  11. MC says:

    Good morning!
    Day 2. I will continue updating my intro for Paper 2. When I am done with that I will update the method section.

    • Hello MC how did day 2 go? Did you get a chance to update your method section?

      • MC says:

        Hi! Day 2 was pretty productive. I finished updating the Intro and updated the method section for the first study (Study 2.1) and started on the analysis/results for that study. Tomorrow I will continue with the analysis and results. Then I’ll move on to updating the method section for the other two studies in that paper (Studies 2.2 and 2.3).

  12. promiseagep says:

    Good morning DHers, welcome to day 2! We hope that yesterday was as productive as you planned, and that today you are able to tackle several of pending items on your list to get this dissertation done!

  13. Evgenia says:

    Good morning everyone! I am ready for day 2 of writing my IP!

    • Evgenia, The dreaded IP, did you get to cross of some things off your list? Two more days and counting. Tick Tock.

      • Evgenia says:

        Dr. CV, I wrote as much as I could for experimental section, it seems like I need to read more about some proposed experiments that I am not familiar with. So far I have 3 single-spaces pages written, the process goes slower than expected:(

  14. Researcher says:

    good morning,
    Today I’ll be working on the methodology section

  15. Future Dr. says:

    Hi Everyone! Today I plan to finish organizing my references and start writing my lit review.

  16. Day 3 of the Dissertation House at UMBC. Another day another opportunity to make some progress on your dissertation. You don’t need to ‘feel like it’ in order to make some progress. Treat writing your dissertation like a job not a hobby.

  17. Researcher says:

    Good morning,
    For day 3 I will start editing the methodology section. Then I will move to the results.
    The app for notes on Mac is “Tab Note lite” for free trial you can have three notes and it is enough.

  18. Evgenia says:

    Good morning everyone! I did make progress in my writing at home yesterday, added references where I could, today I am working on Aim 3 and I need to do some reading to complete that section, so I will write as I read.

    • Evgenia says:

      it was reading-intense day today, I screened multiple articles in search for the needle in a hay stock! But it needs to be done to find the best solution for my last aim!

  19. Future Dr. says:

    Good morning all! Today I will continue working on my lit review and will start the methodology section.

    • Future Dr. says:

      I did not get to the methodology section today, but I did work on the lit review. Tomorrow I plan to continue working on the lit review!

  20. AA says:

    Good morning!

    I am happy to have the revised abstract submitted to the conference portal!!! Finally!! after multiple rounds of revisions and thinking!! Today, I can MOVE ON and have the background and related work section for a potential journal outlined and at some degree full of contents. ^_^

    • Congratulations on hitting submit.

      • AA says:

        Thank you Dr. Carter for your continuous support!!

        For today, I was able to restructure and expand some of the sub sections in the background and related work section. I am planning to finish remaining tonight, so I can have the section ready for proofreading. Tomorrow, I want it to be focusing on the theoretical framework to be adapted in the other journal for explaining the findings!! Let’s see how far I can go!!


  21. Researcher says:

    I was able to finish editing the draft for methodology and results sections. Tomorrow I will be reading literature review (2-3) papers to start writing literature section next week.

  22. MC says:

    Day 3 was very productive. I continued with the results and started working on the tables. I will continue creating tables tomorrow and will then update the method for the remaining two studies in this chapter.

  23. MC says:

    Good morning,
    Starting Day 4 of DH. Today I will finish working on the tables for Study 2.1.Then I will update the methods for Study 2.3. If I have time, I will update method for Study 2.2 as well.

  24. Future Dr. says:

    Good morning all! Today I will continue working on the literature review.

  25. AA says:

    Good morning!
    Today, I will move on to thinking of a theory that can be used to explain findings of my research.

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