This page is dedicated to our PhD graduates who have participated in the Dissertation House.

Congratulations to our 2019 DH Graduates

  1. Dr. Mariana I. Castillo(UMBC) Applied Developmental Psychology
  2. Dr. Victor K. Ochieng’ Ondego(UMBC) Human-Centered Computing
  3. Dr. Kimberly Reaves (Morgan State University) Industrial Engineering
  4. Dr. Joy A. Thompson (UMBC) Applied Developmental Psychology
  5. Dr. Jamila M. Torain (UMB) Gerontology

Congratulations to our 2018 DH Graduates

  1. Dr. Rose Belanger (UMBC) Applied Developmental Psychology
  2. Dr. Adji Fatou Diagne (Howard U)Economics
  3. Dr. Hervens Jeannis (University of Pitt) Rehabilitation Science Rehabilitation Technology
  4. Dr. Tahira C. Mahdi (UMBC) Applied Developmental Psychology
  5. Dr. Kristin Noell (UMES), Toxicology
  6. Dr. Rianna Murray (UMCP) Public Health

Congratulations to our 2017 DH Graduates

  1. Dr. Kailyn Cage (UMCP) Mechanical Engineering
  2. Dr. Patrick Carrington (UMBC) Human Center Computing
  3. Dr. Tracy Irish (UMBC) Language Literacy and Culture
  4. Dr. Chia-Hua Lue (UMBC) Biological Sciences
  5. Dr. DeLauren McCauley (UMBC) Biological Sciences
  6. Dr. Angel Miles (UMCP) Women Studies
  7. Dr. Shannon O’Connor (UMB) Gerontology
  8. Dr. Gloria A. Opoku-Boateng (UMBC) Information Systems
  9. Dr. Timothy M. Richards (UMBC) Information Systems
  10. Dr. Elizabeth N. Williams (UMCP)Nutrition and Food Sciences

Congratulations to our 2016 DH Graduates

  1. Dr. Michelle Beadle-Holder (UMCP) Sociology
  2. Dr. Jodian Brown (UMBC) Chemistry
  3. Dr. Blessing Okoroafor Enekwe (UMCP) Government and Politics
  4. Dr. John Fritz (UMBC) Language Literacy and Culture
  5. Dr. Andrea Gray (UMBC) Chemistry
  6. Dr. Robert Holder (UMBC) Computer Science
  7. Dr. Christopher Jones (MIT)

Congratulations to our 2015 DH Graduates

  1. Dr. Kendra H. Barber, (UMCP) Sociology
  2. Dr. Phyllis Brooks-Collins, (UMES) Organizational Leadership
  3. Dr. Leigh Dalton, (UMBC) Public Policy
  4. Dr. Brittny Davis, (UMBC) Chemistry
  5. Dr. Shreyasi Deb, (UMBC) Pubic Policy
  6. Dr. Latasha Eley, (UMBC) Language Literacy & Culture
  7. Dr. Tanya Geiger, (UMCP) Public Policy
  8. Dr. Pragati Godbole, (UMCP) Public Policy
  9. Dr. Brenda Holden, (UMES) Organizational Leadership
  10. Dr. Huguens Jean,(UMBC) Electrical Engineering
  11. Dr. Satarupa Joardar, (UMBC) Language Literacy & Culture
  12. Dr. Kelly Lynch, (UMBC) Language Literacy & Culture
  13. Dr. Lathiena Manning, (UMBC) Biology
  14. Dr. David  B. Mayo, (UMCP) Engineering
  15. Dr. Nadwa Mossaad, (UMBC) Public Policy
  16. Dr. Alimatou Seck, (UMBC) Environmental Engineering
  17. Dr. Thao Tran, (UMBC) Chemistry-Biochemistry
  18. Dr. Chevell Thomas, (UMBC) Public Policy
  19. Dr. Joseph Washington, (UMBC) Mechanical Engineering

Congratulations to our 2014 DH Graduates

  1. Dr.Lola Brown, (UMBC) Biochemistry
  2. Dr. Nicole Barkley, (UMBC) Biological Sciences
  3. Dr. Nandadevi Cortez-Rodriguez (UMBC) Biological Science
  4. Dr.Wei Du, (UMBC) Computer Science
  5. Dr. Kelly Engle (UMBC) Information Systems
  6. Dr. Navid Goudarzi, (UMBC) Mechanical Engineering
  7. Dr. Samuel Haile, (UMBC) Biological Sciences
  8. Dr. Alicia Howard, (UMBC) Biological Sciences
  9. Dr. Lenisa Joseph (UMCP) Early Childhood & Special Education
  10. Dr. Gleneesha Johnson, (UMCP) Computer Science
  11. Dr. Hye-Sook Lee, (UMBC) Language Literacy and Culture
  12. Dr. Laura M. Merner, (UMBC) Geography & Environmental Systems
  13. Dr. Benita Rashaw (UMES) Organizational Leadership
  14. Dr. Autumn Reed, (UMBC) Language Literacy and Culture
  15. Dr. Andrea M. Sisko, (UMBC) Public Policy
  16. Dr. Shanna Smith, (UMCP) American Studies
  17. Dr. Rachel Sturge, (UMBC) Biological Sciences
  18. Dr. Nohemi Voglozin, (UMBC) Geography and Environmental Systems
  19. Dr. Kathleen E. Weaver, (UMBC) Information Systems

Congratulations to our 2013 DH Graduates

  1. Dr. DeAnna Bailey, (Morgan State) Electrical Engineering
  2. Dr. Carlos R. Cortes, (UMBC) Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences
  3. Dr. Patrick Doyle, (UMBC) Gerontology
  4. Dr. Troy S. Grant, (UMBC) Language, Literacy, and Culture
  5. Dr. Susan M. Hannum, (UMBC) Gerontology
  6. Dr. Donald Knight, (Western Michigan, Adjunct at UMBC) Applied Developmental Psychology
  7. Dr. James A. MacGlashan, (UMBC) Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
  8. Dr. Shauna A. Pollard, (UMBC) Human Services Psychology
  9. Dr. Michael Joel Sachs, (UMBC) Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
  10. Dr. Kelly R. Schmidt, (UMBC) Applied Development Psychology
  11. Dr. Lisa Vizer, (UMBC) Information Systems
  12. Dr. Yvette Williams, (UMBC) Geography
  13. Dr. Angelo Gomez, (UMCP) Education
  14. Dr. Maritza Gonzalez, (UMCP) Education Leadership, Higher Education and International Education

Congratulations to our 2012 DH Graduates

  1. Dr. Patricia Ordonez,  (UMBC) Computer Science
  2. Dr. Margaret Dabek, (UMBC) Chemistry
  3. Dr. Margaret Grow, (UMBC) Chemistry
  4. Dr. Susan M. Mitchell, (UMBC) Information Systems
  5. Dr. Yvette Mozie-Ross, (UMCP) Education
  6. Dr. Sophoria N. Westmoreland, (UMCP) Mechanical Engineering
  7. Dr. Margaret Udahogora, (UMCP) Nutrition and Food Sciences
  8. Dr. Dora McAllister, (UMCP) Education
  9. Dr. Alexis Y. Williams ,(UMCP) Education

Congratulations to our 2011 DH Graduates

  1. Dr. Belinda M. Brown Jackson, (UMBC) Biological Sciences
  2. Dr. Frances D. Carter, (UMBC) Public Policy
  3. Dr. Amy Carrillo, (UMBC) Human Services Psychology
  4. Dr. Laura Violeta Colombo, (UMBC) Language, Literacy, & Culture
  5. Dr. Sonnet S. Davis, (UMBC) Chemistry & Biochemistry
  6. Dr. Jianbo Liu, (UMBC) Mechanical Engineering
  7. Dr. Katherine D. Giuriceo, (UMBC) Gerontology
  8. Dr. Meredith A. Holmgren, (UMBC) Human Services Psychology
  9. Dr. Malini M. Jagdeo, (UMBC) Biological Sciences
  10. Dr. Kerry M. Lida, (UMBC) Public Policy
  11. Dr. Ozlen D. Luznar, (UMBC) Public Policy
  12. Dr. Erica K. Taylor, (UMBC) Public Policy
  13. Dr. Smitha Vokkaliga, (UMBC) Chemistry and Biochemistry
  14. Dr. Soumi Ray, (UMBC) Computer Science
  15. Dr. Tommy B. Piggee Sr., (UMBC) Gerontology
  16. Dr. Akelia D. Wauchope, (UMBC) Molecular & Cell Biology
  17. Dr. Manouchka Poinson, (UMCP) American Studies
  18. Dr. Sarice R.Boston, (UMB) Pharmaceutical Sciences
  19. Dr. Maria C. Okafor, (UMB) Gerontology
  20. Dr. Victor Ayala, (UMB) Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Congratulations to our 2010 DH Graduates

  1. Dr. Ben Keshet, (UMBC) Chemical Engineering
  2. Dr. Dawn N. Ward, (UMBC) Chemistry
  3. Dr. Suma Vavilala, (UMBC) Chemistry
  4. Dr. Wenlong Tang, (UMBC) Mechanical Engineering
  5. Dr. Tashauna M. Felix, (UMBC) Biology
  6. Dr. Adrienne M. Starks, (UMBC) Biological Sciences
  7. Dr. Barbara Boswell, (UMCP) Women’s Studies
  8. Dr. Asha-Lateef Williams (UMCP) Education
  9. Dr. Uche Akobundo, (UMCP) Nutrition
  10. Dr. Calvin Williams, (UMB) Pharmaceutical Sciences

Congratulations to our 2009 DH Graduates

  1. Dr. Mileidy Gonzalez, (UMBC) Biological Sciences
  2. Dr. Heather K. Holden, (UMBC) Information Systems
  3. Dr. Kholiswa Laird, (UMBC) Chemistry & Biochemistry
  4. Dr. M. Cosar Unal, (UMBC) Public Policy
  5. Dr. Nikisa Jordan, (UMBC) Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences
  6. Dr. Geriel Ettienne-Modeste, (UMBC) Mechanical Engineering
  7. Dr. Toyia K. Younger, (UMCP) Education Policy & Leadership
  8. Dr. Janet Awokoya, (UMCP) Education
  9. Dr. Jennifer N. Bacon, (UMCP) Curriculum & Instruction
  10. Dr. John Bullock, (UMCP) Government & Politics
  11. Dr. Johonna R. McCants, (UMCP) Criminal Justice
  12. Dr. David Lanier Major, (UMCP) Strategic Management
  13. Dr. Wendell D. Hall, (UMCP) Higher Education Policy
  14. Dr. Christopher Whitt, (UMCP) Government & Politics
  15. Dr. Lisa M. Gill, (UMCP) American Studies
  16. Dr. Stacey Williams, (UMB) Pharmaceutical Sciences

Congratulations to our 2008 DH Graduates

  1. Dr. Gwendolyn Rhodes, (UMCP) Geology
  2. Dr. Judith Kadarusman Pollack, (UMBC) Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
  3. Dr. Loretta Ayd-Simpson, (UMBC) Gerontology
  4. Dr. Marcella Wilson, (UMBC) Computer Science
  5. Dr. Rosa Heckle, (UMBC) Information Systems
  6. Dr. Selena Rose Edmond, (UMBC) Applied Developmental Psychology
  7. Dr. Yonglin Gu, (UMBC), Engineering
  8. Dr. Adam Anthony, (UMBC), Computer Science
  9. Dr. Elisabeth Arevalo-Guerro, (UMBC) Language, Literacy, & Culture
  10. Dr. Irina Ramos, (UMBC) Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
  11. Dr. Kaye Whitehead, (UMBC) Language, Literacy, & Culture
  12. Dr. Mengsteab Weldegaber, (UMBC) Atmospheric Physics
  13. Dr. Michael J. Harrington, (UMBC) Biological Sciences
  14. Dr. Raghavendra Angara, (UMBC) Mechanical Engineering
  15. Dr. Illana Lancaster, (UMCP) International Education
  16. Dr. LaShale Pugh, (UMCP) Geography

Congratulations to our 2007 DH Graduates

  1. Dr. Blazej Bulka, (UMBC) Computer Science
  2. Dr. Mari Wepprecht, (UMBC) Public Policy
  3. Dr. Chikao Tsubaki, (UMBC) Language, Literacy, & Culture
  4. Dr. Darwin, Fishman, (UMCP) American Studies
  5. Dr. B. Michelle Harris, (UMCP) Nutrition
  6. Dr. Ernesto Munoz, (UMCP) Atmospheric & Oceanic Science
  7. Dr. Marcus Schaper, (UMCP) Government & Politics
  8. Dr. Robin Smiles, (UMCP) English Language & Literature
  9. Dr. Rodney Harrell, (UMCP) urban Planning
  10. Dr. Shaun Gittens, (UMCP) Computer Science
  11. Dr. Stacey Hobbs-President, (UMCP) Information Systems
  12. Dr. Tracey Wayne, (UMCP) Special Education
  13. Dr. Yves Ngu, (UMCP) Electrical Engineering

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