Dr. Wendy Y. Carter-Veale

Co-Founder and Head Coach: Dr. Wendy Carter-Veale

Dr. Wendy Carter-Veale has a passion for helping people succeed.  Dr. Carter-Veale has obtained master’s degrees from Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University and an M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Research and her own educational trials showed Dr. Carter-Veale that 50% of all students drop out of graduate school and 17% drop out during the thesis and the dissertation phase. In response to this startling statistic, she developed an interactive thesis dissertation help motivation tutorial product designed to alleviate the high attrition rate among graduate students. In addition, she created an online blog (challenges)  for graduate students to interact with each other to help them alleviate the sense of isolation. She also developed a powerful presentation that motivates and encourages students and gives them workable solutions to their own educational crises. Her companies and websites TA-DA Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished and PhDCompletion.com were designed to help graduate students demystify the maze of higher education.

Currently, Dr. Carter-Veale (Dr. CV) shares her expertise with graduate students at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) as the program coordinator of the PROMISE program and the Ph.D. Completion Project, co-founder of the Dissertation House, and the on-campus dissertation coach.  In addition, Dr. CV successfully manages many other roles – parent, educator, business owner, and motivational speaker. Her daughter graduated cum laude from Howard University. Dr. CVcontinues to be an inspiration and invaluable resource to students and educators throughout the country.

Dr. Wendy Y. Carter-Veale is the Dissertation Coach for the PROMISE AGEP and for UMBC. Having a dissertation coach on campus helps our students to get regular feedback from someone outside their department.  She works with students to improve their organization and time management skills.  A dissertation coach is not in competition with the mentor or advisor but serves as a critical member of the graduate community that serves to keep our graduate students focus and on track toward graduation. In addition to the DH, she holds weekly office hours for graduate students who want to meet with her one-on-one.

 “Even if you have not done anything else all week, let it (guilt) go. Today is a new day and another opportunity to get it right or even almost right. If you need a reminder that you should be working on your proposal or dissertation, this is your friendly reminder.”
– Dr. Wendy Y. Carter-Veale
Follow Dr. Carter on Twitter at #phdcompletion and her website: http://www.phdcompletion.com

Dr. Carter-Veale provides consultation through Dissertation Houses and office hours for students from UMBC, UMB, and UMCP.  Her consultation for all of UMBC’s graduate students and for students who participate in PROMISE at UMB and UMCP is paid for and sponsored by the National Science Foundation’s PROMISE: Maryland’s AGEP, the UMBC Graduate School,  the Division of Graduate Studies at the University of Maryland College Park, and the Office of Student Research at the University of Maryland Baltimore.

Her most recent books with helpful tips and strategies are available Mastering the Ph.D. Completion Process with Howard G. Adams, PhD

PhD Completion: If You Can Write a Master’s Thesis You Can Write a Dissertation  and  PhD Completion Methods Journal

Students from other universities may set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Carter to discuss fee-for-service.  Contact her at carterphdatgmaildotcom

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