Summer 2018 Challenge

Congratulations on migrating to this page. Summer 2018 Challenge!

Welcome to Summer Dissertation House at UMBC. If you are here you are in the right place. This is your page to make the most of your experience here. You can get your dissertation finished in 2018 with daily progress.

Welcome to the Dissertation House online, Summer 2018! This page will be active from July 2018 – December 2018. Congratulations to all of our new PhDs!  (See our “Alumni” page for regular updates.) You can participate in the online Dissertation House from any part of the world. Students join the Dissertation House (DH) from various states in the US and many countries in the world. The “DHers” who participate in person come from universities throughout Maryland, with sponsorship from the National Science Foundation’s PROMISE: Maryland’s Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP), and funding from the graduate schools at UMBC, the University of Maryland College Park, and the University of Maryland Baltimore – The Founding Campus. Through the PROMISE Pathways initiative, and the PROMISE AGEP: Maryland Transformation project, we invite and encourage all doctoral students within the University System of Maryland to join us online, and you will have a special opportunity to join us in person this Summer during the July Dissertation House.

Dr. Wendy Carter-Veale is your “Head Coach.” Dr. Carter-Veale will be conducting “in-person” Dissertation Houses at UMBC July 2018. Our pre-registered participants are required to blog daily during their time in the Dissertation House and are encouraged to continue blogging until they finish their dissertations.

To join us online:

  1. Go to the comment section below and introduce yourself (name, school, department.) Note: You may use your full name or an alias. If you have a blog, you may use your blogger ID, however, you do not need a username or password to participate.
  2. Tell us what you are working on and what you plan to accomplish today or over the next few days.
  3. Blog daily, preferably twice a day (morning and afternoon/evening) to report your goals for the day, your daily accomplishments, and your goals for the next day.

We will repeat something that we said before, because it is both important and true: Our graduates and participants pushed (and we do mean that they pushed through adversities, complications, and issues) to finish sections, get chapter approval from advisors, complete drafts, pass proposals, pass defenses, and turn in their final documents. These grads are now professors, working in non-profits, industry, and have had postdocs throughout the global academic community (e.g., France, South Africa, Egypt.)

If you have joined us in the past, come back again if you are still working on your document. We are still here, and we will still be part of the community that will cheer you on! Post your goals for the next six months on this page. You are not alone, this is your online community. Focus on completion. As coach Dr. CV says “A good dissertation is a done dissertation.”

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  2. Good morning! Welcome to the Dissertation House! We’re invite you to join us online by posting your goals each day this week. At the end of each day — or throughout, you will come back to this site to check-in. It is an accountability measure, and it will keep you on track. Welcome!

    Best regards,
    Renetta G. Tull
    Associate Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives

  3. Dr. CV says:

    Good Morning
    Welcome to Day 1 of the Dissertation House. The DH is full and we welcome those of you joining us online. Get ready for a full 4 days of working on your dissertation with no excuses. A good dissertation is a done dissertation. Sorry no World Cup until you’ve done something on your dissertation.

  4. Satveer says:


    Not sure if I am doing this correctly and please feel free to let me know if I need to revise.

    I am Satveer, a doctoral candidate from the National University of Singapore. I am also a full-time instructor which means that I am working full-time and trying to finish this dissertation. I am in my final leg with 10 more days for submission. I am still putting together the finishing touches of the writing before starting to edit. My goal is to complete the writing process by the 12th of July.

    Thank you very much for setting up this amazing support system.

    Best Regards,

    • Hello Satveer
      You did it correctly, Welcome to the Summer 2018 Dissertation House. How many pages did you write today? Give us an update. You have 2 more days of writing before you start editing. Make the best you of the time. All the best. Check in daily we would love to hear from you. Dr. CV

      • Satveer says:

        Thank you so much Dr Carter. I completed most of my methods section today, with only the validity and reliability component still missing. For tomorrow, I hope to complete all the written elements (at the end of 12 July) and start working toward editing my results and analysis section by the 13 of July. Please feel free to let me know if you need any further information. Thank you.

  5. Hello all!

    My name is Erika Aparakakankanange and I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am currently out of the country with my family so I’m glad to be able to join the DH virtually. I am working on my dissertation proposal and made good progress thanks to the support of Dr. CV and Dr. Tull. My proposal topic explores the role of the Summer Success Institute as what is called a third space or alternative space. I am currently refining the entire document, but my focus over the next few days will be my methodology section, which I’ve been discussing with my advisor. My specific goals for this session of the DH include:
    Refining the wording of my research question at the suggestion of my advisor
    Clarifying the methodology I will use to analyze the data I have and plan to collect
    Clarify the questions I plan to ask participants who will eventually participate in interviews I plan to conduct

    My advisor has indicated that I can potentially defend my proposal in late August/early September so I am working to have a complete/defendable proposal by the end of July which will only need minor edits.

    Thank you all for the support and best of luck to everyone!

    • Hello Erika
      Glad to see that you are able to log in from France. Good for you. Welcome to the Summer 2018 Dissertation House. What were you able to accomplish today? You goals seem practical and more importantly doable. Keep up the good work.

      Dr. CV

      • Hi Dr. CV,

        Thank you for the encouragement. I have reviewed my advisor’s edits to my research questions and have made some revisions. I am also continuing to work on my methods section and have made a few changes to the interview questions, but I am revisiting those again today.

        I have a Skype call scheduled with my advisor at 1pm (EDT), 7pm (GMT+2) today. During that time he wants to focus on the research questions. Additionally I have received confirmation from 4 faculty that they are willing to serve on my defense committee. It looks like most people will be available in early September which helps me have a hard deadline to wrap up this part of the process.

  6. We are pleased to welcome Denise Williams, PhD candidate in Chemistry at UMBC, will be our lead blogger. Here is more about Denise: Welcome Denise — future Dr. Williams!

  7. Denise N. Williams says:

    Good Morning DHers!

    My name is Denise. I am a PhD candidate in the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UMBC. My dissertation seeks to elucidate interactions between luminescent quantum dots and environmentally-relevant model organisms such as liposomes, bacteria ad nematodes.

    In my writing hours this week, I will be focusing on two main things: writing a review and analyzing TEM images. The review is part of a book chapter aiming to combine recent journal submissions in the Rosenzweig lab (my PI’s lab) and other work in the field. I would like to contribute 10 pages to this chapter; so far have a finished outline and three more fleshed out pages. The review will require additional literature reading to complete. The second focus, analyzing TEM images, is something I have been putting off for about two weeks now. The goal is to analyze ~200 images of different quantum dots samples using ImageJ, update my notebook with the results, and compose a report to go to collaborators and my PI.

    While I cannot be present for DH, I am excited to interact with everyone this week in our trek to a done dissertation! I hope the structure and support DH offers this week helps us all meet our goals and continue to implement writing time till our dissertation submission. Have a productive Day One!

  8. ELBM says:

    Good Morning! My name is Erin 🙂 and I am a Phd Candidate in the Language, Literacy, & Culture (LLC) program at UMBC. For the two days that I’ll be participating in DH, I plan on working on the following tasks:

    1. Fix References for Chapter 4 (30)
    2. Add 5 transcripts to Chapter 5 with commentary
    3. Add/Organize 4 pages of Chapter 4 cuts to move into Chapter 5
    4. Organize references for Chapter 5 (10)

    Before lunch, I plan to work on the following goal:
    3. Add/Organize 4 pages of Chapter 4 cuts to move into Chapter 5

    After lunch, until the end of the day, I plan to work on the following “zombie task”:
    1. Fix References for Chapter 4 (30) and if I have more time, I’ll move on to Organizing references for Chapter 5 (which is task #4)

    Sending out peaceful and productive writing vibes to everyone 🙂

    • Denise N. Williams says:

      Hi Erin!
      Were you able to get through all of your organizations of Chapters 4 and 5 before lunch? I like that you have prioritized task order, saved a “zombie task” for the after-lunch slump, and allowed flexibility in your two day plans.

      • ELBM says:

        Hi Denise 🙂
        It’s so nice to meet you! Yes! I was able to complete the organization of Chapters 4 & 5 and was even able to do a bit of drafting for content that will appear in Chapter 6. I didn’t get to my primary “zombie tasks” of organizing references, but that’s okay–because I got to spend time making a more thorough version of the “zombie lost” utilizing Dr. CV’s “Methods Journal” that will push me forward as I work toward my deadline. I’m all set for tomorrow and plan to focus on the organization of references tomorrow.

    • Hello Erin

      It was a pleasure speaking with you today. Keep up the positive attitude and I am happy that you are coming to NC. Are you done with the Chapter 4 edits. Be sure to use google scholar to find those reference if you don’t already have them in 1 database. Best of luck. See you in the morning.

      • ELBM says:

        Dr. CV:
        Thank you so much! Yes! It was wonderful talking with you yesterday! I appreciate your thoughtfulness and advice 🙂 The edits for Chapter 4 are done 🙂 Great point about utilizing google to locate additional resources. I am so looking forward to today’s session 🙂

        • ELBM says:

          Day 2: 7/11/17 10:05 am
          Today, my goals are to do the following:

          1. I’m organizing references for Chapter 4, for most of the day.
          2. If I complete Chapter 4 references, I’ll get back making a final version of “Zombie Task List”

          Peaceful and Productive Writing, Everyone 🙂

          • ELBM says:

            Day 2: 7/11/17 4: 23 pm
            I actually completed all of goals for the two days that I planned to be in attendance, so I’m really excited that I got knock these tasks out and also get a reminder of best practices to take with me as I move toward completion of the document and degree!

            • Erin
              Thank you for joining us in the DH this week. Glad to see that you were able to finish your goals. You can always use this space to stay connected to the people you met in the DH and post your goals here to keep yourself accountable. Safe travels.

  9. Tonya says:

    Hello everyone! My name is Tonya Santaus and I am in (hopefully) my last year at UMBC in the department of Chemistry. Today I want to primarily focus on defining what figures are in and what figures are out for my most difficult chapter. This will allow me to have a nice outline for turning this data in to a paper.

    Have a great day everyone!

    • Hello Tonya

      Welcome to the Summer 2018 Dissertation House. Take “hopefully” out of your vocabulary. Name it and claim your victory. Make it happen, find your cape and tights. How did the process of “in or out” go today? Were you able to quickly make a decision about your figures? If there are out they don’t have to be totally out ;you can put them in the appendices if you can’t really stand to part with them. See you in the morning.
      Dr. CV

  10. Faizah Carr says:

    I am a veteran of Dissertation House. This is my second attendance within the year. I am motivated to tweak my current routine to go in to overdrive because I need to graduate. ASAP. December 14th. My goals are the following:
    1) Finalize the VA statistics in my proposal for consistency. Gather this data from VSSC.
    2) Send my dissertation proposal and comment matrix to my advisor.
    3) Finalize my calendar in reverse for graduation. Complete the timeline and make space in my life to work everyday.
    4) Fill in proposal presentation.
    5)Begin data manipulation for the SOE. Ask about best methods to gather this info. I do not really know where to start.
    6) Outline chapters 4 and 5.

    Wishing everyone a productive day and week.
    Time to focus on the impossible and make it possible.

    • Denise N. Williams says:

      Welcome back Faizah!
      Is December 14th 2018 your goal graduation date?

    • Faizah Carr says:

      I have crossed off number 1 and 2 off of my task list. I will start on number 3 first thing in the morning.

      • Denise N. Williams says:

        Congrats on having a product to send to your PI after only one day at DH! Excellent progress. I am excited to hear about your graduation timeline and work plan! Dr. Faizah Carr, your new title is on the horizon.

    • Hello Faizah
      Welcome to the Summer 2018 Dissertation House. Do you mean proposal or dissertation? I know this is another bite at the apple but stay positive and know you can get it done. I look forward to our 1 on 1 soon. Keep working hard.
      Dr. CV

  11. Maki N. says:

    Hello everyone. My name is Maki and I am a second year Ph.D. student in the biology department at UMBC.
    I am coming up for my prelims in the beginning of the Fall semester and I would like to polish my committee document during this week at DH. My goals for this week are:
    1. Make an outline
    2. Rework introduction I had for my first committee meeting to reflect the changes made to my project
    3. Define new specific aims
    4. Extract all relevant information from my previous document into my new one
    5. Read 10 papers

    Let’s do this!!!!

    • Maki, Let’s do this, I agree. Welcome to the Summer 2018 Dissertation House. Have you come up with new aims? I look forward to our 1 on 1 to help nail down these aims to keep it moving forward.

      Dr. CV

      • Maki N. says:

        Our 1 on 1 today was really helpful, thank you! I will use the spreadsheet and the research templates to define the specifics of my aims.

  12. William Easley says:

    Hi everyone. My name is William Easley. I am a 4th year PhD student in the Human Centered Computing program at UMBC. Here are my goals for Dissertation House:

    Tuesday/Wednesday: Finish remaining CSCW Revisions
    -Address smaller comments from 2AC (define living laboratory, add some additional details to my methods section)
    -Revise subsection in my related work on handoffs
    -Continue to refine the ideas/writing in my recently revised Findings/Recommendations
    -Add a short discussion section
    -Address any feedback from my co-authors
    -Prepare document with list of revisions made to submit along with my paper

    -Read and take notes on at least five papers on DIY AT. This body of literature is related to my other ongoing project. In my notes, I want to also brainstorm/think of ways to best connect this project the main focus of my dissertation (youth collaboration in technical work environments).

    • William Easley says:

      During Dissertation House today, I finished revising/re-writing my findings, and recommendations sections in my paper (the hardest part for me). I also started addressing 2AC’s smaller comments.

      This evening, I will finish the rest of my revisions for 2AC and update the last section of my related work.

      Tomorrow morning, I plan to work on my discussion, revisions document, and proofreading

      • Good for you William, Glad to hear that you will be working on it tonight. Welcome back to the Dissertation House. This could be the last summer you spend working on you dissertation.

      • William Easley says:

        Yesterday evening, I finished the revisions for 2AC, and received/addressed feedback from one of my co-authors on the first five sections of this submission. I also started revising the last part of my related work.

        Today I will finish revising the last section of my related work (first), finish my summary of revisions document, and coordinate with my co-authors before making the final submission

        • Hello William
          Good to see you have a daily plan. Were you able to finish the revisions from your coauthors as well? I look forward to our forthcoming 1 on 1 conversation.

        • William Easley says:

          Hi everyone.

          Today I coordinated with co-authors to work my CSCW paper. I finished all of the tasks on my list and made the submission before the deadline.

          • William Easley says:

            Good morning everyone. Today (Thursday). I plan to switch gears and start working on literature review for a collaboration with physical therapists at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine which examines how to facilitate the collaborative design of 3D objects.

            I also plan to add few administrative tasks to my agenda. The main task is to create a shared calendar with my advisor with upcoming dates and deadlines (conference submission deadlines, professional development events, grad school deadlines, doctoral colloquiums, etc.) leading towards graduation. Right now, we have most of this information in a Google Doc but agree that a calendar would be helpful.

            • William Easley says:

              Good afternoon every. During Dissertation House today (Thursday) I:

              1. Created the calendar and shared it with my advisor.
              2. Downloaded and organized related literature on 3D printed Assistive Technology.
              3. Started reading related literature and brainstorming ideas on the best ways to situate this research project within my dissertation.

              • William Easley says:

                Good afternoon everyone. Today (Friday),

                1. Attended a thesis defense during the morning work session
                2. During the afternoon session, I read and took notes on 4 papers on: DIY assistive tech, assistive tech abandonment, challenges and opportunities for 3D printing in physical therapy practice, and challenges associated collaborative 3D design. Reading these papers helped to spark a lot of new ideas for how to motivate and frame the remaining part of my thesis research (for my next proposal and next paper submission). I will bring these ideas to my advisor on Monday.


  13. Tonya says:

    Oh! and my main goals for this week will be:
    – Weeding in and out the figures for chapter 4
    – Making an outline of this chapter in the dissertation template
    – Writing the methods sections since this shouldn’t be too bad…
    – Begin adding in my chosen figures with legends and captions and with a little paragraph about the main point of the figure
    – Finally, if there is time, I would like to begin filling in the nitty-gritty details in the data/discussion sections.

  14. Richard Brown says:

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Ricky and I am super excited to start writing my PhD dissertation. This excitement will turn to anguish, but for now … let me be excited.

    I’m grateful to have dissertation house to help me focus my energy and begin the long process of writing a 200 page document. There seem to be a lot of excellent resources here and I hope to capitalize on all of them.

    Today’s plan is make a plan. I will commit to a 2019 spring graduation! You heard it here first. This means I need to have a finished dissertation by March. No problem.


  15. Researcher says:

    Good morning everyone,
    For today, my plan is to write 3 papers’ literature review.

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  17. AA says:

    Hi everyone,

    Here are my goals for Tuesday July 10, 2018, the first day of the dissertation house:
    – Develop a timeline for defending my proposal sometime during Fall 2018 and share it with my advisor.
    – Complete analyzing dataset from WebMed platform, around 100 entries!! YES I can Do it!!
    – Clean data and prepare it for statistical analysis.

  18. Rianna Murray says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am Rianna Murray, a 5th year PhD student at the School of Public Health at UMD College Park. I am planning on working on my 3rd chapter (second manuscript) during the DH. My goals for this week are:

    1.) Complete my statistical analyses
    2.) Make results tables:
    – Table 1 – Demographic table: Characteristics of Reported Campylobacteriosis Cases in Maryland, 2007–2016
    – Table 2 – Campylobacteriosis in Association With Well Prevalence and Environmental and Socioeconomic Factors
    3.) Write last two paragraphs of introduction section
    4.) Finish the methods section (Only have one paragraph here, probably need 4-5 more)

    Wishing everyone a productive week!

  19. Ruken Isik says:

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Ruken Isik. I am a 4th year PhD student in Language, Literacy, and Culture program at UMBC. My goal is to finish the IRB application and draft a dissertation proposal at the DH workshop.

    Good Luck to everyone!

    • Ruken Isik says:

      Today: I worked on IRB. I pulled out the forms that I needed.
      Tomorrow: I will try to finish IRB exempt form, or at least work on it. And read a Proposal Sample to draft my own proposal.

    • Hello Ruken
      Welcome to the Summer 2018 Dissertation House.These seem like reasonable goals for the next 3 days.

      Dr. CV

  20. Hello everyone,

    Please be sure to go back to your posts to see if there were any responses. Some of you have responses or comments to your posts.

    Renetta Tull

  21. meredithalberta says:

    Hello! My name is Meredith Alberta Palmer, and I am a PhD candidate in Geography at UC Berkeley and a mother to a 14-month-old babygirl. My work looks at how health disparities, or differences in health outcomes, in Native American people have been understood historically and how this impacts current treatment and research on Type 2 Diabetes in Native America, particularly focusing on my own people, the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois). Last week I finished a draft of my dissertation chapter outline. I also mapped out what I will need to apply for funding for my last year of studies. This week, I want to do the following things to get research and writing going. Lots of it is mapping things out. I just heard about this group, so I am coming late! I hope that is OK. I have two hours left for work today, then I have childcare for half of tomorrow, and all of Thursday.

    For the rest of today I would like to:
    1. Plan my trip to Albany, NY archives, and send email regarding the manuscripts I need to view
    2. Finish editing the last two paragraphs of my book review and ready it for submission
    3. Plan out Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday work plans.

    Thank you, and good to be here!

    • Welcome Meredith! Thank you for “coming” and for joining us here. Congratulations on setting goals. We’ll look forward to hearing if you’ve completed 1 & 2, and your plan for #3.

    • Hello Meredith
      Welcome to the Summer 2018 Dissertation House. Well Tuesday is done. What were you able to accomplish on Tues and what are your plans for Wednesday. Before we walked away from our dissertations today we wrote a note to ourselves about where to go next so that we can read the note in the morning and hit the ground running. Perhaps you can try that.

      Dr. CV

  22. Researcher says:

    I have completed reviewing two papers and add a paragraph for introduction.
    For tomorrow I will complete the third paper and start editing my paper.

    good luck everyone

  23. Maki N. says:

    Long day!
    Today, I was able to get through:
    1. About 60-70% of my introduction
    2. Read and summarize two papers
    3. An outline (which is not yet detailed)
    4. Started working on a figure for my introduction

    Tomorrow, I would like to:
    1. Finalize the figures for my intro (numbering, making…)
    2. Read 3 papers
    3. Complete the missing portions of my introduction.

    Hope everyone else had a good and productive day! 🙂

  24. Tonya says:

    Well, I think and feel like that was a productive day. My head hurts but I definitely feel like I have a good handle on my “in and out” figures for Chapter 4 of my dissertation. I have all of (what I think) are my “in” figures added to a new power-point with captions which also include blank slides with a note to myself about what data that has not been collected and where I think it will be in the new power-point. This new power-point has been sent to my PI for review. I hope he gets back to me soon! Tomorrow I plan on outlining this chapter in the template and updating the Table of Contents accordingly. I only feel that this will take the first half of the day, which leaves me time to hone in to little details with my figures like font size axis labels, titles, etc.

    Until tomorrow!

  25. Richard Brown says:

    Thus completes my first dissertation house day. I feel like I made a good start. I can cross some things off my action list!
    -Made a calendar with all major deadlines for a spring graduation.
    -Found dissertation template (still need to figure out if I’m going to write directly in this or cut and
    paste sections as I write them).
    -Spent 30 minutes looking up literature
    -Began making outline of dissertation

    See you guys tomorrow!

  26. Rianna Murray says:

    Today I was able to get through most of my statistical analyses but did have enough time to make my results tables. Tomorrow I plan to:
    1.) Finish the results table 1 – demographic table
    2.) Finish the results table 2 of the negative binomial regression results
    3.) Start writing the results section (at least 2 paragraphs)

    I also realized that I didn’t include something important in my goals list for this week- I need to research how the physiography of Maryland can influence soil type and hydrology and how I can use this to explain my results. I will also aim to do this tomorrow.

  27. Germaine says:

    Hello all!
    I am a PhD student in IS at UMBC. I am writing this late, but didn’t want to skip a day.

    I am also teaching this summer so am thrilled to have the DH to keep me on track for a fall proposal.

    Today I worked on revising my proposal outline. I also tweaked my pre and post field study questions (for my pilot study for August).

    Tomorrow I will finalize the field study questions, write instructions for the field study participants, and write the first chapter of the proposal.

    • Denise N. Williams says:

      Good Evening Germaine,
      Better late than never! It sounds like you had a productive day even with your teaching schedule. Thank you for joining us online this week.

    • Thanks Germaine for being dedicated to the process. Do you already have an IRB for your pilot study? Will you be working on that step next? We look forward to your update tomorrow, Thursday.

  28. Denise N. Williams says:

    Upon the completion of my writing period for DH day one I managed to look at images for 5 out of 10 different samples for quality, and analyzed 10 images for particle size distributions using ImageJ. Tomorrow, I would like to get though 15 more images for particle size distributions and outline the next section of my review.

    Talk to you all online tomorrow.

  29. Shawntay says:

    Good evening,
    My name is Shawntay and I am in the Language, Literacy and Culture program at UMBC. I work full time and cannot participate during the day, but I will check in at night. I am working on revising Chapter 3 this week and fleshing out my addition of qualitative surveys.

    • Hello Shawntay Welcome to the Summer 2018 Dissertation House. Thank you for checking in. So how are those revisions coming tonight, did you get something done?
      Do something everyday to move the document forward.

      Dr. CV

      • Shawntay says:

        Hi Dr. CV,
        I made some progress, but not as much as I’d like today. I did mostly editing and less adding of qualitative surveys. My deadline for submission of chapters 1-3 is Tuesday evening.

  30. Hello and Welcome to the Summer 2018 Dissertation House. What are your goals for the day when you are striving for greatness? A good dissertation is a done dissertation. Greatness might have to wait until after the dissertation is done.

  31. indira says:

    Good Morning, My name in Indira, I am a Ph.D candidate at Penn State and I am working on my revisions on my proposal. I have already met with my committee twice and will meet again in August. I have a workshop to attend today, however my goals are:
    1. work on my research question
    2. the introduction

    • Welcome Indira! It’s great to see you here! Congratulations on your latest paper (that I read about via another source). Your goals are in line with the discussion that was held within the Dissertation House on campus, so it is a pleasure to share here. The discussion centered around making sure that one’s committee is in agreement with things like the research question or the hypothesis, so that the work can move forward with everyone on the same page. We highly recommend reviewing the dissertations of your committee members and advisor to see the ways that they have framed their own questions in the past. Perhaps equally as important, take a look at the dissertations from your advisor’s recent students to see how they have framed their questions. Sometimes, the development of the question may be related to style rather than content.

      Regarding the introduction, some advisors want the introduction to provide background and a summary that justifies the study, with a transition into the methodology. Be clear about the norms within your department, and the kinds of writing structures that your committee has approved with past advisees.

      Have a good workshop, and happy writing!

  32. Denise N. Williams says:

    Good Morning Everyone,
    Today, I will primarily be in the lab and assisting my REU student, but I have marked out writing time to try and achieve the goal I set yesterday to analyze 15 images for size distributions and outline the next section of my review.

    For those onsite with DH, take notes on Dr. CV’s advises, resources and empowering statements so they might be readily available for you at a later hour.

    I hope everyone has a productive day 2!

  33. Tonya says:

    Good morning everyone!
    Today my plans have slightly shifted due to getting in the final things that a journal (PLoS One) needs for my first author peer reviewed paper. These revisions are due by June 13th at midnight. I want to be able to take my time with it to make sure I do everything correct. Therefore, I will work on this and get it done. I expect to do this for about an hour – hour and a half and send it back for official publication. After that and in the morning after my meeting with Dr. CV, I will be working on my outline in the dissertation template for my Chapter 4.

    Here’s to getting these done today! Happy writing everyone!

    • Denise N. Williams says:

      Hello Tonya,
      Congrats on your first authored journal paper! Were you able to finish those journal revisions in your morning session? Also, how was your meeting with Dr. CV?

      • Tonya says:

        Unfortunately, no I did not finish the final revisions. I got stuck on changing my reference format so I emailed the journal and asked for help. I should hear from them tomorrow. All other changes have been made though so as soon as I get an answer from them and make their recommendations for the references I will officially submit!

  34. Faizah Carr says:

    Good Morning Dissertation House,

    I have begun making not only a Ph.D. completion timeline, but also making a day-to-day calendar to manage my time between work, writing for school, physical and mental health, and REST. I plan to post this day-to-day calendar on my refrigerator and keep a copy in my car so as not to get sidetracked.

    After completing my Ph.D. completion timeline I will send and tentatively meet with my advisor so that this can be a part of my package for the Dissertation Fellowship application today.

    I did apply for graduation yesterday. I am awaiting my supplemental application.

    I will continue filling in content for my presentation proposal.

    • Faizah Carr says:

      I completed the day-to-day calendar for time management.
      I completed a tentative Ph.D. completion timeline. I submitted to my advisor. She may not have come on campus today, but I wanted her to know that I started a draft for her feedback.
      I have begun to review the data. In the meantime I have the Little SAS Primer book in my amazon cart ready for purchase.
      I did not get to the presentation today. I will do that tomorrow.

  35. Good Morning: My name is Oscar , I am from mechanical engineering department of UMBC and I am a second year Ph.D. student. My goal for these days is to work in my proposal. Today I am writing my proposal outline. In my next days I will prepare the plan to finish my research with this special opportunity with Dr. Carter.

  36. AA says:

    Good morning,

    My goals for the second day of the dissertation house, Wednesday July 11, 2018:
    – Clean the data and make it ready for the analysis
    – Perform preliminary data analysis
    – Draft the methodology section

  37. Richard Brown says:

    Good day everyone. I forgot to blog in before. The morning is over and I’ve continued to make some progress towards graduating. I mapped out the project that I need to finish before next spring. Its going to be a tough winter, but I think I can get it done.

    This afternoon, I’m going to do some solid writing!
    Here we go!

  38. caitlinrathe says:

    Hi everyone! Caitlin here. I am in the History program at UC Santa Barbara, and just finished my 7th year in the MA/PhD program… I watched the conversation here last summer and am excited to be an active participant this year. Sorry I missed the first day! I’m writing about the transformation of food welfare programs in the U.S. and U.K. from the early 1960s to early 1980s, and am really interested in why and how policymakers do (or don’t) decide to fund these programs. Also very interested in the budget politics and committee politics that play into welfare policymaking.

    I NEED TO FINISH STAT! My long term goal is to have a full draft by December so that I can file by March 2019. Shorter term goal is to complete Ch. 2 draft by Sunday. And have lots of other life things on the horizon soon (wedding in 2 weeks, teaching my own class for the first time right after that, and moving to the UK in October to join my partner who has a postdoc!). My goal for this afternoon is to find answers to 5 questions from yesterday’s writing and revise the Poor People’s Campaign section. With these bits cleaned up, will be easier to continue my Nixon section tomorrow.

    How long should we do the twice daily check-ins here for? Thanks for creating this space! And I’m a big fan of Maryland!!! Spent a summer doing research at the University of Baltimore and loved checking out the city 🙂

    • Denise N. Williams says:

      Hello Caitlin and thank you for joining us from the other side of the States!

      It sounds like you have a lot of motivating events coming up to help you get your dissertation done ASAP (congrats on them all)! So we have a better idea of what you are accomplishing would you mind letting us know about how many chapters you have in total, how many are completed, how many are outlined, etc.

      This DH session, and its twice daily check-ins, will be running till this Friday, July 13th.

    • Wow Caitlin
      Thank you for finally deciding to join us. You do have a lot going on. If you finish your Chapter 2 you can enjoy your wedding without guilt. Best wishes on the wedding. Be sure to pack your dissertation materials in 1 box so that I can easily find them after the move, wedding, and class. Also be sure to send yourself an email with your dissertation chapters as attachments in case your box doesn’t make it. Of course you can also save the dissertation on Dropbox, or Icloud. Keep in mind after the move it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Today with our raw drafting exercise we were able to share with our students that you can get some words on paper in 15 min. Use the 15 min a day technique to get something done on your dissertation. I suggest you create a long list of 15 min tasks or “Zombie” activities to move your dissertation forward daily despite your busy busy schedule. All the best to you.

      • caitlinrathe says:

        Thank you so much for the motivation and tips here! I really like the idea of “zombie” tasks. I think one good one could be single paragraph clean up. I write pretty messy first drafts, so turning 5-6 sentences into prose that make sense could be a good, speedy activity. Another one could be identifying primary source material to bring in to upcoming sections that I’ll write.

        There will be 6 chapters total in the dissertation, plus an introduction and conclusion. I have full drafts of two chapters: Ch. 5 I presented at a department colloquium and Ch. 4 I wrote as a research seminar paper. Both of those need serious revising, but at least things are on paper! Ch. 2 is a few days away from draft form. I have written Ch. 1, but been asked to rewrite it by my advisor. This leaves two chapters: Ch. 3 and 6 where I just have a few random pages of notes.

        Yesterday, I found answers to the five questions from earlier writing days, but did not get to the Poor People’s Campaign section. That is first on the docket for today. Then will print for some editing by hand so that I have a clean draft to build out end of the Nixon section from when writing tomorrow. Thank you for this community!

  39. avocat17 says:

    Had to get some grading done today, but now I am off to the races! I had to complete a small modification for my IRB protocol for my final study so hopefully I will be able to conduct the pilot study in August as planned. Going to work chapter 1 now!

    • Hello Avocat17 Congrats on completing your IRB modification; I know what it takes to get that done. It’s 8:35 pm how is Chapter 1 coming?

      • Germaine says:

        Dr. C-V,
        Chapter 1 is complete for now! Of course need approval from my advisor. I’ll sketch out the rest of the chapters and then get to work on chapter 2 today.

  40. Researcher says:

    Completed today’s goal to do some URLs extraction and filtering, created dictionary and documented that. I also edited the paper I am supposed to submit but I might need to work on it tomorrow as well.

    good luck everyone

  41. Ruken Isik says:

    Hello Everyone! I have had a very productive day in terms of writing.

    Today: I drafted the intro of my proposal and started to read a sample proposal written by one of my advisor’s ex-student (I have written double space 7 pages, yay!)

    Tomorrow: I will continue work on outlining the chapters for my proposal and work on the methodology section.

    Good Luck to everyone!

    See you tomorrow!

  42. Maki N. says:

    Hello fellow DHers
    I hope everyone has had a productive day!!!
    Today, I was able to read two articles and do minor edits on my introduction. I also met with Dr. Carter in the morning, where she suggested a template to compile information from the literature. I made that template and have been using it to summarize the two papers I read. I love this template and highly recommend!!!
    Tomorrow, I intend to read more papers and start incorporating what I read these past two days in my introduction. I might also do some data processing, which was not part of my original plan, but I got some exciting data yesterday night and I can’t wait to analyze it!!!

    • Maki Glad to hear you were able to use the Research Template in my book ” PhD Completion: If You can write a Thesis You can write a Dissertation”.
      Write during the day and analyze the data during the night.

      • Maki N. says:

        Sounds good, I’ll try to plan my the remaining 2 days that way! Or I will keep the data analysis as a “zombie task” for the last hour.

  43. Richard Brown says:

    Today was a little less organized than yesterday. I spent time answering emails and putting the finishing touches on a journal submission.
    -I did write about 3 pages of my introduction
    -Went over my proposed graduation schedule with Dr. Carter (little dose of reality for me)
    -Reached out to a former Chemistry student to talk about chapter formats for work that has been written up in a journal.

    Tomorrow will be lock down solid writing all day! I got this 🙂

    • Denise N. Williams says:

      Hey Ricky,
      I know I was guilty of send you some emails the past few days. For tomorrow and Friday, you can use an “Out of Office between 9-5 for DH, but will respond to urgent matters outside of these hours” automatic response message so those emailing you will know not to expect a quick response (and you might feel less pressure to give one). This will help you have solid writing hours.
      Excellent writing progress and decision to reach out to a previous graduate student in the department for advice.

    • Ricky
      You got this. You have 205 days and counting. Tick Tock.

  44. Rianna Murray says:

    Hello to everyone joining the DH virtually!

    Today I did not get as much done on my goals as I had planned, due to unexpectedly having to return to an earlier chapter to make edits instead of moving forward with the chapter I planned to work on during the DH. I did finish one of my results tables and inserted it into my chapter, but I wasn’t able to make my second table as planned. My goals for tomorrow will be:
    1.) Make the regression results table
    2.) Finish methods section (4-5 paragraphs)

    Not sure if I’m looking forward to the three minute presentation tomorrow morning or not!!

    • Denise N. Williams says:

      Hello Rianna,
      My goals had to be adjusted today as well, but to reflect that you did make unplanned progress you can just add a line to your goal sheet reflecting your return to edits of the previous chapter. Congrats on everything you were able to accomplish in spite of the curve-ball.
      Be excited for the three minute presentation! If Dr. CV has been saying one of her most motivating things for me, than you know your presentation and the feedback is “All About You” and is only to help train you deliver a concise, clear message of who you are and what you do. It may not be perfect tomorrow, but you will get an idea of how you quickly present your work and some tips to improve from others in the same position and/or just willing to help you succeed.
      Good Luck!

      • Rianna Murray says:

        Thanks Denise! It’s good knowing I’m not alone in having to adjust my goals. I will be giving my 3-minute talk this afternoon, so I’m hoping for the best. Thanks for your words of encouragement!

    • Hello Rianna
      We are all looking forward to your 3 min presentation. Don’t beat yourself up about what you were not able to accomplish. Celebrate the small victories and live to fight another day, gladiator.

  45. Tonya says:

    Well that was a productive day! I didn’t quite get to finish the final revisions on my PloS one paper that I wanted to get done because of a hiccup in not being able to change the reference format. BUT, I did email the journal with my concern on not being able to change them and I should hear from them tomorrow on a solution. Once I have that and make any of their suggestions, I will officially submit the final document.
    I also completed outlining my chapter 4 in the dissertation template. For the last hour of the day, I began to write the methods sections for this chapter and got 4 out of the (for now) 6 sub-methods sections written!
    Tomorrow I want to finish writing up my methods sections, make sure I have all of the experimental details in there to align with my layout power-point figures that I did yesterday, and finally to start inserting and writing about the inserted figures.
    My meeting with Dr. CV was super helpful especially in outlining when I need to have everything done by for official completion on July 31st, 2019! We determined that I need to write one chapter every 40 days to make my deadlines to my committee, mentor, and the graduate school.

    Oh yeah… definitely need to think of my 3-minute TV spiel for tomorrow morning!

    See you all tomorrow!

  46. Denise N. Williams says:

    Its the end of DH Day 2 and my goals for the week have to be adjusted. I will still be trying to analyze the TEM images I have for nanoparticle size distributions; I got through 5 images today. Instead of writing the book chapter, I will be focused on revisions to my first authored manuscript for which I received feedback from the journal today. The deadline is closer than the deadline for the review. Today I got through 2.5 pages of 7 pages of comments. I aim to get though all the comments I can by Friday, and then pass the draft over to my collaborators. Even with the change of focus, today was productive.

  47. Denise N. Williams says:

    Good Morning Everyone,
    Today I will be responding to reviewer comments for my journal paper. I would like to send my portion of the edits to my PI by the end of today. I hope everyone has a productive DH Day 3!

  48. Researcher says:

    Good morning,
    Today I have to complete editing my statistical analysis report to submit.

    Good luck everyone!

  49. Richard Brown says:

    Good morning everyone!
    Today is going to be a very productive day.
    -Continue writing my introduction (main activity)
    -At least 30 minutes literature search
    -Make to do lists of actionable items (high priority and down time activities)
    -Maybe spend 1hr figuring out poster for GRC next week

    Wish me luck.

  50. Tonya says:

    Good morning everyone,
    Today I want to finish up my methods section of chapter 4. I am still waiting to hear from my PI on my figures. Despite that, I want to start adding figures in to their respective sections and start writing about them. I think I will go figure by figure – insert, write, insert write – I think that will work for me. I also ordered yesterday the “PhD completion” book to really help me outline what I need to do each day. 278 days and counting!
    I also really hope I hear from the journal I emailed yesterday about what I should do with my references. It is due back officially to the journal tomorrow before midnight!

  51. Maki N. says:

    Hello everyone
    Today, I am hoping to finish my introduction and go through 2 or 3 more research articles.
    Good luck to everyone! We got this!

  52. Faizah Carr says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I did not check in this morning, however I participated in DH TV in the first session and I had a personal appt. with Dr. Carter at 10am. I left that meeting with the intention to manipulate my data set and beginning the documents for my own mini codebook. I realize I will need to work on the data manipulation tomorrow and will not get to the proposal presentation. That will be my goal over the weekend.

    I will be leaving in the next hour so I am creating this post as my opening and closing. I plan to come early tomorrow morning and get in a full day of focus on the dataset.

    My personal appt. gave me the exact direction that I needed at this juncture. It definitely has and will help me to prepare prior to meeting with my advisor and showing that I have taken the next steps as asking and awaiting what to do next.

    Thank you…

    • Faizah Carr says:

      My sentence about intention was not clear. I ddi sit down and begin manipulating the data. I created my mini codebook and began to make a unique identifier and began to filter for female veterans. I also have begun to hide those data that are not relevant to my variables. I will identify the remainder of my variables tomorrow.

  53. Tonya says:

    I know this post for after DH is premature, but I got to a good stopping point. I got a response back from the journal about my references. I did what they asked and submitted the manuscript! I should get an unlocked track change document from them tonight or tomorrow so that I can make the last and final changes for submission before tomorrow at midnight.
    On top of that, I finished my methods section for chapter 4. I was going to start adding in figures in to their respective places, but I decided not to do that until I hear back from my PI. Instead I read 2 papers for the chapter 4 introduction, took notes on them, and began writing one section of the introduction.
    I also received 2 abstracts from my undergraduates for the Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium that is coming up in August. I spent 45 min in the morning on these so that they would have feedback and be able to fix things before abstract due date.
    Tomorrow I plan on reading more papers for my chapter 4, taking notes, and writing. I feel like I have a good system of reading, taking notes, and then writing some in the dissertation.

  54. Researcher says:

    I finished editing the report and submit it. I also run my model and document the results, I plan to write the discussion section tomorrow commenting on the results.
    wish everyone a good luck!

    • Denise N. Williams says:

      Good Evening Researcher and congrats on submitting your statistical report! Are the statistics, discussion and results all a part of a report? your dissertation? a paper?

  55. Richard Brown says:

    Another Dissertation House day down. 203 more days to go after this one.
    Things went well today.
    -I downloaded Microsoft To-do List app and made checklists for Graduation and disseration activities. This will be a good go to for when I’m ready to work, but don’t know where to start.
    -I wrote another couple of pages. I’m at about 6 pages for my intro. This is the fun stuff, though. It’s not the heavy scientific results sections that will bog me down later.
    -I did get side tracked when I did my 30 minutes literature search. It turned into about 1.5 hours and focused on my second project. It was all good and productive, though.
    -I also read through a recently graduated student’s thesis to get an idea of format and adjusted manuscripts for my thesis.

    Not bad! Hope tomorrow finishes strong.

    Good night, y’all!

  56. Maki N. says:

    Today has been a really productive day!
    I finished my introduction, I finalized my outline, with all the specific aims of my thesis written out in details, with all the sub-sections and the information that will go to each section. I extracted all the information from my previous document that needs to stay and made a new document with all these changes! Finally, I started looking at some of my data in the last hour, as I was starting to fade.
    Tomorrow, I want to read 2-3 papers and start working on the spreadsheet that DR. CV had suggested to rank/keep track of articles I read and how relevant they are to my thesis.

  57. Rianna Murray says:

    One more day done of the DH! Dr. C-V didn’t get to me today for the 3-minute talk, but I can’t escape doing it tomorrow along with the 6 other folks who didn’t get to give their talk today 🙂

    Today I continued working on the chapter 1 edits and reformatting that popped up unexpectedly yesterday. I made good progress with this and should not have to spend much time finishing it up tomorrow. My plan for tomorrow (our last day!) is as follows:

    1. Finish editing and formatting paper 1
    2. Make the regression results table for paper 2
    3. Finish methods section for paper 2

    Hopefully this is all doable tomorrow and I can finish strong.

    Have a good evening everyone!

  58. caitlinrathe says:

    Good evening all! Reporting back from late on the West Coast. I accomplished my goal of cleaning up the Poor People’s campaign section and unjumbling the chronology. I have also edited everything up to my Nixon section by hand on paper (so much easier to edit that way!) and am going to get started typing in my edits. However, I may run out of steam and complete this first thing in the morning. Will report in the AM with my goals for Friday. I’ve loved reading everyone’s successes as well as challenges in this process! It’s comforting to know I’m not alone on this journey. Thanks! Good night!

  59. Denise N. Williams says:

    Good Morning DHers,
    It is Day 4! Please remember to blog in with what you aim to accomplish this morning. This evening please let us know how much of this week’s goals you were able to get through, any additional plans you are initiating to get your dissertation DONE, and any other reflections or insights on the DH process you would like to share. I am excited to see a picture of all you have accomplished and aim to.

    Today, I will need about 2 hour to finish up the suggested revisions of my manuscript that I can accomplish without further experimentation. These revisions include: Adding a reaction scheme, updating reference format, improving the resolution of one of my figures, and sending emails to collaborators to plan experiments that need to be done for this revisions submission at the end of the week.

    Everyone, have a productive DH Day 4!

  60. Researcher says:

    Good morning,
    I started this morning with writing results and I am starting with the last thing on my list, the introduction.
    wishing everyone a productive day ..

  61. Richard Brown says:

    Good morning, everyone!
    Last day of dissertation house. It’s been a great week. Gonna finish strong!
    I may have to shift my focus and work on my poster that needs to be printed by this Sunday. If I feel inspired to do some writing, I will keep going forward with my intro.

    Good luck DHers

  62. Tonya says:

    Morning everyone,
    Today I want to continue to read papers and write my introduction for chapter 4. This is taking a little long than I thought just because I structured my introduction differently than from my previous co-workers. At bare minimum I want to write my singlet oxygen mechanism section. I am really debating on what to do with it because one of my committee members I feel wants to see kinetics, but my mentor does not feel it is necessary since kinetics really have nothing to do with what data I have collected. For now I think I am going to leave the kinetics out of it – maybe put it in an appendix?
    Hope everyone has something fun planned for tonight as a reward for a strong performance at DH! I am going to go do archery!

  63. Faizah Carr says:

    Good Morning!! I have revised my completion calendar for a May graduation.
    I have continued the creation of my codebook and isolating the variable questions.
    I am still working with the pivot table to gather the frequency of answers.
    Meeting with my advisor at 12:30 pm.

  64. Hello all!

    Congrats to everyone on another productive DH! My update is that I spent time talking with my advisor. We skyped successfully yesterday and reviewed my research questions. We are now both in agreement that they are in a good place. This is now allowing me to work on my interview questions with a more clear direction. I also spent some time with my methods section cleaning up and refining. I also shared my current draft with a potential committee member. My advisor and I will touch base again at the end of the month, during which time we will revisit my first and second chapters, but we both feel I’m in a good position to have a viable proposal before my defense which will most likely be in September. I hope you all continue to reach your goals beyond DH this week and are able to take advantage of the support system DH offers. We can do this! Take care!

  65. Tonya says:

    Here are my last few comments for this DH. It has been a pleasure working with all of you on our various writing tasks. Like Laura said, it’s nice to be held accountable for the days work by people who are also struggling through reading, writing, data analysis, etc. I definitely got quite a bit done.
    1. I officially submitted my paper even after the citation delay. Thank goodness. One paper down.
    2. I got my figures put together in one power-point with captions and slides left blank for data that needs to be collected. That has been sent to my mentor for comments and revisions.
    3. I outlined my chapter 4 in the dissertation template, wrote all the current methods sections that I could write, and began working on my introduction to this chapter.
    4. I have 276 days from today to get all of my dissertation written, so that is 40 days a chapter. I think I can do this, just worried about obtaining all of the necessary data for each respective chapter before the 40 days are up!
    5. I purchased the PhD completion workbook so that I can keep everything – thoughts, sticky notes, etc. – in one place and help me organize what I need to get accomplished every day.
    6. My mother and husband are going to keep me on track by asking if I completed my weekly goals and by making a paper link chain (just like when we were kids at Christmas time) so that every day she removes a link, shortening the chain for the visual reminder of “GET IT DONE!”.

    The struggle has been real, but the struggle has been real together! Glad to have met you all and learned about your research. Here is to us becoming PhD successes!

  66. Denise N. Williams says:

    I managed to get through all the edits I could that did not require further experimentation, and sent this to my PI. My collaborators and I also have a plan for getting the additional experiments completed by the deadline. I still have a lot more TEM images to analyze, but they will be conquered in my writing plans for next week.

    This has been a productive week for me, and it seems, everyone who has participated in DH in-person and online. I sincerely hope everyone can keep up the stamina and self-accountability until they complete the DH. I’m sure the advises of Dr. CV, Dr. Tull, and all the other in-house presenters offered direction, motivation, and clarity for your current location in the DH process and how to get it done! Please share the information you gained in DH with your peers, form external writing groups, and join us (with your friends) online or in-person for the next DH.

    Don’t forget to blog out and have a productive weekend!

  67. Maki N. says:

    And DH comes to an end! I have to say it was a very productive time. I was able to complete all the goals I set on day 1, except I read 6 papers instead of 10.
    Thank you to Dr. CV and everyone at DH. IT has been fun and I look forward to doing another one soon!
    Have a great weekend everyone!!

  68. Good Morning All

    The face to face portion of the DH came to an end on Friday. But your dissertation has not. You can always continue to post here daily until your dissertation and Ph.D. is finished. A good dissertation is a done dissertation. Today is another opportunity to move your dissertation forward; keep in mind that baby steps are still steps. Have a great day in the quest to finish your degree.

  69. Good Morning All.
    Welcome to Employee Dissertation House On-line. I has been a challenge trying to remember my password and to log into this site but I persevered and made it. You should too. Join me. UMBC is close until noon but we still have work to do. You can get started despite the delay. Please introduce yourself and post your writing goals for today. No excuses, you can get something done even if the university is closed for 1/2 of the morning. I look forward to seeing you this afternoon but hope to see you on line before then. Welcome, a good dissertation is a done dissertation. Hang in there do something to more your writing project forward today.

  70. Maida says:

    I am Maida Ranjbar, PhD candidate in the mechanical engineering department at UMBC.
    I am here to finish my proposal probably except the last chapter, I have an initial draft so I am going to start working on it.

    I just there was coffee.

    • Maida
      I know what you mean about coffee and breakfast. When I went to campus today, I arrived at 7:44am with the plan to get some coffee and breakfast. That didn’t happen; I was waiting until noon and finally closed the campus and still I did not get breakfast or coffee. I am home now getting my coffee at 2:47pm my first cup of coffee of the day. How is the proposal coming?

  71. William Walton says:

    Good morning,
    I am William Walton, part-time Ph.D. student at UMBC in Electrical Engineering. I am here this morning reviewing my research and collecting my thoughts for an initial outline for my research proposal.

    • Good to hear from you William

      Sorry the campus is close. I look forward to meeting you face to face in the morning. Please collect thoughts and write those thoughts down on paper. Maybe you can edit them in the morning. Have a great productive day.

  72. Mary Gallagher says:

    Hi everyone!

    Sorry we’re not together today, but I’m still grateful for having time off work to be productive. I’m in the Language, Literacy, and Culture PhD program at UMBC and work full-time at the Universities at Shady Grove. Work has been very hectic, stressful, and draining this semester, so it’s been hard to come home and muster the energy for writing. I’ve been able to push aside work concerns for the day, and I’m feeling much more refreshed and focused.

    My primary goal for the next two days is to complete a strong first draft of of my proposal, which I’m hoping to defend at the end of November. I’ve got a lot of it pieced together, but I need to edit based on past feedback and smooth transitions. I’ll also need to do a lot of writing and reading for my methodology section. I also want to spend some time reading and giving feedback to my writing partner’s proposal.

    Hope things get resolved at UMBC, and we get to write together tomorrow!

    Mary Gallagher

  73. Jack says:

    Good morning, everyone here!

    I am Jack, part-time Ph.D student at UMBC in Electrical Engineering program. I am joining DH basically reviewing my research and collecting any idea for finish my research paper/proposal. Thank you!


    • Welcome Jack, I hope to see you in the morning at UMBC bright and early with a progress report. How far along is this proposal 60%, 80%? Make an assessment and a list of what else needs to get this document to 95%. Start attacking the list.

  74. Michael Hunt says:

    Hello, My name is Michael Hunt. I am the Assistant Director for the McNair Scholars Program. I am in my first semester in the LLC program at UMBC. I am using the day to prepare my midterm for LLC700. Just as Mary described above, my work life too has been very hectic. Today, my goal is to have an outline for the midterm paper. My subgoals will be a subject for the paper, three main focus points, and determining my references. I will use the rest of the day to do this. I am just starting the process due to going on campus to only have been able to deal with office concerns. Now I am back home at my kitchen table. Went to buy snacks, lunch and now making coffee. All is now well 🙂

    • All is well here too Michael. I made it back from campus. Now that you have your supplies you should be ready to work. I hope you will be able to share the outline tomorrow. You can insert the references in the outline as well. Best of luck on your midterm.

  75. Maida says:

    Hi, I am confused. How do we talk to Dr. Wendy? should we talk in hangout?

    • Hello Maida

      You can talk with me tomorrow. I sent an email saying that I was moving the schedule over to tomorrow for the face to face interviews instead of Google Chat. I hope to see you on campus in the morning. Are you working on some writing project today?

      • Maida says:

        Hi Dr. Carter,
        I am happy to hear that I will have the opportunity to talk to you tomorrow and get some help.
        I am working on the writing today, I also got the confirmation of my advisor on a major portion of my proposal and having him support the outline was really the high point of my day.
        I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

  76. Margaret Kaii-Ziegler says:

    Good afternoon! I apologize for not reading the emails until an hour ago. I was on campus working until they closed the public policy building. I’m Margaret Kaii-Ziegler and a PhD student in Public Policy, Public Management tract. I’m one of the older students on campus (finished my Master’s in ’87) so am not as tech savvy as my colleagues. I’m into my second year of classes at UMBC. My goal for today and tomorrow is to organize my literature review start refining my dissertation topic. I’m not sure how to set up my blog site. I live in Annapolis so it’s a bit of a drive to campus.
    I guess I should also mention that I work full time as the Planning Administrator for the Research & GIS Division for Anne Arundel County Office of Planning and Zoning. I look forward to meeting everyone in person tomorrow!

    • Hello Margaret Welcome to the Employee DH. I read everyone’s DH application and it seems that organizing the literature review is something we call could benefit from. I plan to go over how to do that in the morning’s lecture so please be on time. We will also enjoy a visit from the Graduate Writing advisor as well. I hope you make it home and work some more.

  77. Hello All
    Congratulations on getting something done today to move your document forward. How did you do? Better than expected? If you were able to make some progress please post your update here.

    Tomorrow provides a brand new opportunity to move the needle forward. You might wake up ambivalent about whether or not you should come to campus or stay at home and write. Fight past that feeling and make the drive to campus, join us in person. You will learn about some strategies to help move you forward next week, semester, next year. We will focus on the Literature Review in the morning, along with managing your time, self, and your relationship with your advisor. We also learn about how to prepare for that proposal or dissertation defense as well. I look forward to a full breakfast with each of you tomorrow. Be prepared to get some work done.

  78. Good Morning all and Welcome to Day 2 of the Employee DH. I am here at UMBC and the campus is quiet. Fight through the Saturday morning sludge and jump out of bed with the anticipation that you will move the document forward today. Baby steps are still steps, as long as you are moving in the right direction you are good to go.

  79. Margaret Kaii-Ziegler says:

    Glad to be here!

    • Margaret the reference librarian can be your best friend to help you find what you need to narrow down your topic further.

      • Margaret Kaii-Ziegler says:

        I went to the library right after we finished and they were able to help me find the dissertation that I was looking for. I plant to look it over tonight!
        Thank you for all your assistance to today. I learned a lot.

        Would you please send me a copy of the Proposal Cookbook you mentioned this morning?
        Thank you again,

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